Robin's Twig & Bean Mystery Theme Set

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Robin's Twig & Bean Mystery Theme Set
7 Items: 2 Big, 2 Medium, 3 Small
7 Artists/Brands Represented
Color Scheme: Brick/Cream/Branch

The Robin family has been known for their architectural innovations over the years, only foraging for the best branches, and designing the most cozy homes in the neighborhood. The day had come that the youngest, Ruby, wanted to branch out. Her idea was a bit out on a limb, but she couldn't resist leaping out of the nest and starting her own nest egg. Ruby welcomed Twig & Bean Coffee Shop with her innovative treehouse in the sky, a destination for other flying folks who needed a pick-me-up before the morning commute to the Promenade Pond. An idea that once ruffled some feathers but now was the pride of the Robin family. Twig & Bean quickly became the place for birds of all sorts to land and pick up a twig or brew for only the cost of a song.

By Of Aspen

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