Our faces


Caroline Stockman | CEO & Founder

Focusing her time on the creative aspects at Of Aspen, she is the one behind all the beloved monthly drop themes, making artwork, writing stories, working directly with our artists, and filming content.

Meet our team


Amber is our European eyes & ears, finding the best supplies as she's our resident doodler and designer. When it comes to execution, she's the best, she even designed our website! Amber loves pastels, florals, pizza, Disney movies and bullet journaling!

Amber's Favorites


Casey makes sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently at our store. With an eye for simplicity, she believes that form is just as important as function, and is our black & white inspiration. Casey loves to cook, knit, and is a fashion designer!

Casey's favorites


Mare is like our resident crow, collecting all the coolest things and sharing them with the team. Unpacking boxes, pulling orders, and jingling around the store, you'll know you've met a friend for life when you talk to Mare. Psst...she's a purple person!

Mare's Favorites


With professional Ice Cream and Chocolate making in her blood, Kiersten is our resident expert on all our tasty items! When she's not making us laugh or talking about her latest fashion finds, she's busy packing orders, making pen packs & helping customers in our retail shop!

Kiersten's Favorites


Steph is in charge of shipping, taking care of all your online orders and getting them to where they need to go! You might even see her on the weekends singing to Taylor Swift! She loves her cats, puzzles, and hotpot!

Steph's Favorites


While you might meet Sadie over the weekends in our retail store, she helps pull & pack orders during the week! She's a modern dancer, loves hiking and music, and always makes us laugh!

Sadie's Favorites


When it comes to a cool store, you've got to work from the ground up. Chip is our woodworker, builder, furniture refinisher, shipment drop-off driver, and above all else, the greatest dad in the world. He single-handedly built our storefront into what it is today, something out of my dreams.

Chip's Favorites


Being the best-traveling salesman we could ever ask for, Allen the Alien is our interplanetary rep in charge of all of our out-of-this-world sales & marketing. Allen likes to spend his free time in his UFO with all his neighborhood cryptids; Yeti, Nessie, the Siren Sisters, Mothman and Bigfoot.

Allen's favorites