Persephone's Reading Corner Mystery Theme Set

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Persephone's Reading Corner Mystery Theme Set
10 Items: 1 Big, 2 Medium, 7 Small
8 Artists/Brands Represented
Color Scheme: Brown/Burgundy/Forest Green

In a quiet corner of our bustling town, nestled between tall bookshelves, lay Persephone's Reading Corner. As the sun dipped below the horizon, Persephone would scurry through the door, embracing the tranquil ambiance of the bookstore. She climbed stacks of books, carefully choosing one, and settled into her cozy nook. Sipping her favorite tea, she lost herself in tales of adventure and romance, her tiny paws turning each page with delight. Through the window, she marveled at the stars' gentle glow, illuminating the words as her personal reading light. Here she would spend hours, blissfully passing the time with stacks of books, keeping her company until daylight would return, signaling the last chapter of the night.

By Of Aspen

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