Organic English Breakfast Tea

Organic English Breakfast Tea

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You heard it here first, straight from Two Leaves and a Bud: Our English Breakfast is so much more than just a blend of black teas designed to be strong and dark. It’s Organic full-leaf Indian tea, which gives it more layered, rich flavors than a typical English Breakfast teabag. Also, it contains 3.2 grams of tea per sachet, as opposed to 3g in our Organic Assam and 2.5g in our other black teas. This is a high-quality, delicious English Breakfast, as you would expect from Two Leaves and a Bud. Did you know “Breakfast tea” emerged in Scotland in the late 19th century? Queen Victoria dubbed it “English Breakfast” when bringing some back with her from Balmoral. “Builder’s Tea” is a British term for a strong brew of this tea. Call it what you like; it’s a darn fine cuppa’.

P.S. When I went on vacation this summer back to Aspen, we got this amazing tea at the farmers market! It was so good and made in Basalt, CO, where my family lives, so I just had to snag it for you, little leaves!

15 Sachets in a box

Steeping Directions:
Use 15oz filtered water per sachet.
Pour boiling water (212°F) over the sachet.
Steep for 4+ minutes.

Brewing Tips:
Like all black tea, English Breakfast requires a high brewing temperature in order to bring out the full, nuanced flavor. Make sure your water’s boiling, and step away from the microwave! If using milk, try a longer steep - up to 7 minutes - before adding the milk. Despite its name, English Breakfast can be an all-day tea!

By Two Leaves and a Bud

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