Mystery Pen Pack

Mystery Pen Pack

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Are you here for the Kraken?! Yes, these are a mystery, so you never know what you’ll get! All of our pens offered in the shop are up for grabs, and even a few that aren’t offered yet!

These pen packs include randomly selected pens from our entire collection! These pen packs will not include duplicates in each pack, but sets may include multiple of the same brand ex: 2 Sparkle Pop Pens in different colors.

Most of my pens are priced at $1.50 to $4 each, with some exceptions. For example, a $15 mystery pack may include 5-8 pens, all depending on the style I choose! Larger packs include more pens, but I also usually increase the value of pens as the price increases (you’re more likely to get $4 pens as the value goes up!)

If you’d rather have more pens at a cheaper value, like all Stabilo/Gelly roll $1.50 pens, just let me know, and I won’t include higher-end pens or vice versa! I try to follow all notes as best I can with the inventory I have on hand, so yes, I read notes, but can’t always follow them 100%

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