Dinosaur Ornament
Dinosaur Ornament

Dinosaur Ornament

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Perfect for Dino lovers, archeologists, and Jurassic Park fans (even though he’s from the Cretaceous period!) Each piece is thoughtfully designed and created from scratch by the husband and wife team, Brandon and Erin Spangler, and produced in their northwest Georgia studio. 

Steel is an infinitely recyclable material, meaning it can be recycled over and over again. This greatly minimizes its negative environmental impact, saving energy, reducing landfill waste, and decreasing the mining of iron ore. 

3.5" x 4.5"
Steel & Twine

RAW STEEL MATERIAL: Due to the variations inherent in steel materials, the surface of each piece will likely vary from the picture. The color, specks, spots, grain, and
markings on the metal vary from piece to piece, making each one uniquely different. Covered with a thin layer of black oxide, this provides the item's gray tint. While this provides a level of protection against corrosion, a beautiful patina of rust can be brought out by a minimal amount of exposure to humidity. If the rust is unwelcome, you may rub grade 3 coarse steel wool over the top to remove any and/or all rust.

By BE Creations & Designs

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