Demeter's Garden Mystery Theme Set

Demeter's Garden Mystery Theme Set

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Demeter's Garden Mystery Theme Set
9 Items: 1 Big, 2 Medium, 6 Small
9 Artists/Brands Represented
Color Scheme: Cream/Poppy/Sage

Demeter, warm and glowing, is the Goddess of agriculture and fertility, her nurturing essence intertwined with the earth's abundance. As the mother of Persephone, she symbolizes the cyclical nature of life, orchestrating the growth of crops and the rhythm of the seasons. Demeter's sorrow over Persephone's absence in the Underworld mirrors her influence on the natural world as her grief ushers in the barrenness of winter. With her daughter's return comes a cornucopia of happiness, Spring, and a great harvest.

By Of Aspen

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