Cubist Pin
Cubist Pin

Cubist Pin

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Try on an art movement label for the day, or mix and match to find your unique artistic blend with our art tags pin series. Maybe you’d like to go back to modernist basics and think about light and space, making the impressionist and cubist pins a good pick. If you feel like mining your unconscious for some illogical or surprising imagery, you could pick surrealist. Choosing the dadaist pin tells the world that your art defies boundaries, and goes against art’s typical conventions. Or perhaps you’re feeling a more simple, abstracted approach and want to go a minimalist route. Whatever your vibe, the art tag pin series is a fun way for any self-proclaimed art history nerd to play around with styles.

This option is for CUBIST shown below, not the entire set
1" x 1.38”
Enamel Pin
Metal Locking Clasps

By Pin Museum

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