Athena's Grove Mystery Theme Set

Athena's Grove Mystery Theme Set

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Athena's Grove Mystery Theme Set
10 Items: 2 Big, 3 Medium, 5 Small
10 Artists/Brands Represented
Color Scheme: Olive Green/Twig Brown/Gold

Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom, courage, and warfare, stands as a symbol of intellect and strategic prowess. Born fully grown and armored from the head of her father, Zeus, she embodies the power of rationality and foresight. Often depicted with an owl, Athena represents not only martial strength but also the wisdom to navigate conflicts with diplomacy and skill, such as her decision to offer an Olive tree as a gift to the city of Athens, winning over the people with its many useful qualities, opposed to Poseidon's choice of a mere saltwater decorative fountain.

By Of Aspen

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