ABOUT BLANKS - Mystery Journal Bundle

ABOUT BLANKS - Mystery Journal Bundle

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Each bundle includes three pens and one journal from About Blanks, a Netherlands-based company that turns old books into beautiful sketchbooks! The cover is old, and the inside pages are new and blank for you to go crazy in! Draw, write, play games…do whatever you want! We will pair each journal with three matching pens to get the creativity flowing.

If you're an artist, you'll appreciate giving a sketchbook that's already had a life before it reached your desk another life; from book for reading to sketchbook for creating, About Blanks is a mission we can fully get behind. These journals were made by hand from the Netherlands just for our community at Of Aspen, and have had a longgg journey before that 4 month making process on their way to our studio, and then into your hands!

Use the Kraft paper that we wrap the journals with as a scrapbooking starter, and the perfectly matching pens as inspiration to get your first illustrations started!

Each is unique so let’s make it a mystery! You can use the drop-down menu below to pick the color that resonate with you! Each bundle will include one About Blanks journal and three pens; the different price points are to accommodate for the different sized sketchbooks and the different priced pens that match your journal cover. 

By About Blanks

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