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Here are all the artists starting with the letter L

Lady Moon Co.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Lancaster Stroopie Co.

Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Lantern Press

Location: Seattle, Washington

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Lantern Print Co.

Location: Chico, California

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Laura Makes

Location: Winter Park, Colorado

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Location: New York, New York

All about Letterfolk

Lisa Junius

Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Literary Emporium

Location: Frome, United Kingdom

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Little Black Bats

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Little Spooky Studio

Location: Portland, Oregon

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Little Viper Co.

Location: Astoria, Oregon

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Lively Ghosts

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Living Goods by Ore’ Originals

Location: Long Beach, California

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Living Thing

Location: Bay Area, California

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Love Tigerlilly

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon

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LSW London

Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

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Lucinda Rowe Art

Location: Roanoke, Virginia

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Luckies of London

Location: London, United Kingdom

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Ludlow Luna

Location: Austin, Texas

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Lvnea Perfume

Location: Montreal, Canada

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