Atomic Era Date Nail
Atomic Era Date Nail
Atomic Era Date Nail

Atomic Era Date Nail

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This nail was created prior to the Atomic Age and therefore contains no radionuclides from human-caused background radiation.

Since the first atomic bomb detonation—the Trinity test in 1945—over 500 atmospheric nuclear bomb detonations have been performed. Lingering fallout from these explosions has left Earth’s air contaminated with radioactive particles.

Industrial steelmaking processes since the 1850s have required air, specifically oxygen, to be forced into or blown over the molten metal. As the air became contaminated, radionuclides were deposited into the steel during production, giving it a weak radioactive signature.

In the 1960s, the contamination of steel was considerable enough that it could no longer be used in medical and scientific applications where precise radioactivity measurements would be performed since the radiation emitted from the steel would hinder the results.

Nail displayed in an acrylic tube
Tube Length: 5.5"
Info card included

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