Achilles and Ajax Amphora Pin

Achilles and Ajax Amphora Pin

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Inspired by "Achilles and Ajax Playing a Board Game" by Exekias

Exekias (active c. 545-530 BCE) was an ancient Greek potter and painter, and is considered one of the masters of black figure pottery. His amphora titled "Achilles and Ajax Playing a Board Game" depicts Achilles and Ajax, two figures from Greek mythology, sitting across from one another and playing a board game. While a common narrative for visual representation at the time, Exekias added a number of small details to make his version unique, such as Achilles’s helmet still resting on his head, suggesting his power, and Ajax’s slightly raised heel, suggesting his nerves. The finely incised details and elaborate patterns of the intimate composition highlight Exekias’s talent as an artist, imbuing his work with the psychological tension of the scene.

0.95" x 1.55"
3D Relief Pin
Metal Locking Clasps

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