Privacy Policy

In plain English: As a small online business, we want to use all means possible to help pinpoint who might be a perfect customer to keep our marketing costs to a minimum. We use web-based cookies, tagging, pixel tracking, and marketing technology from TikTok, Pinterest, Google, Facebook, and others. Data collected by those channels are only used for online targeting to people using these technologies and are not stored or maintained by Of Aspen.

Shopify ( hosts our eCommerce website. Their technology, security, and suite of tools keep your data safe and secure while connecting to payment systems (Stripe and Paypal, which support payment from all cards and digital payment services) as needed for purchases. At the same time, no financial information is stored in the Shopify platform. Website traffic is encrypted via SSL, providing a secure end-to-end connection for our customers. SSL prevents hackers from impersonating our site or stealing information that our customers submit, like email addresses or credit card information.