Mystical Mushroom Eye Mask
Mystical Mushroom Eye Mask
Mystical Mushroom Eye Mask
Mystical Mushroom Eye Mask

Mystical Mushroom Eye Mask

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Here’s what I have to say: I suffer from chronic headaches, and I wake up every day with tension and a headache - fun, right?! Some days are better, and some days are worse. This helps. Put it in the freezer for some cooling vibes, or heat it up to melt away the tension. Eye masks with straps give me worse headaches. This is just a weighted smoosh pouch, so it actually works -plus, you can spray it with a yummy lavender spray, and it helps you fall asleep! It might not be everyone’s jam, but it helps me, so I thought I’d make it a more accessible option for my little leaves :)
(I know it’s pricey, I saved up for a while before finally making the splurge for myself last Spring, there are definitely other masks on the market, but from my past experience, this is worth it)

Here’s what Slow North has to say: Twinkling stars dance around quartz crystals and forest mushrooms in this delightful magical print! Bring a little more ritual + beauty into your wellness routine with this midnight forest-inspired scene. Melt away the tension. Let this cheerful migraine relief eye mask ease the pain while lifting your spirits. Relax in your own way. This well-designed eye pillow can be applied warm or cold, depending on your preference. Soothe headaches and tired eyes. Cold and warm therapy packs can work wonders for pain. Your answer for natural relief. Designed with your well-being in mind, this therapy pack is made with 100% cotton & linen fibers and filled with natural, unscented lentils. Turn inward. Our therapy packs are also a great option to use for meditation as a weighted eye pillow. Proudly made by hand in Austin, TX, by the Slow North team!

9" x 4" x .5”
100% Cotton & Linen Fibers
Filled with Natural, Unscented Lentils

By Slow North

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