Mystery Pack - 100% Custom Picked for YOU

Mystery Pack - 100% Custom Picked for YOU

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PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING: 100% Custom Curated Mystery Packs, made by me, especially for you! My speciality is gift giving, so let me completely pamper you and pick items I think you’d love from our collection! Items selected will vary, and can include notebooks, pens, stickers, pouches, tote bags, sketchbooks, pins, prints, crystals…anything in the shop is up for grabs! (please be aware that all items aren’t always in stock, I pick based on what I have here, although some items aren’t listed on the shop)

Here are some themes that might help you explain to me what you’re into: Nature • Ocean • Space • Spooky • Mind & Body • Fine Art • Studying • Organization • Bees • Aliens • Bullet Journaling • Reading • Collecting Things • Crystals • Flowers • Science • Favorite Color • Zodiac Sign

***Please be aware that based on the 100% custom aspect of these packs, all mystery packs will take-up to 4 weeks to be packed up based on what we have in stock to fulfill these requests! Each mystery pack is created by me to match your likes, and this is a time consuming process that is well worth the wait!

I will only be releasing a limited amount of these custom packs, at a price point that reflects the time it takes me to really dive in and nail it for you. If you don’t get a chance to snag one, but want to experience the mystery items, please check out the mystery theme packs I have set up. They are super fun, vary in price, and are much easier for me to fulfill because they are not 100% custom! Thank you for reading! :)

By Of Aspen

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